Short Stories


Entry 1:
It was a cool...

Entry 2:
Truly Unmasked

Entry 3:
Once upon...

 Entry 1:
My name is London Marie and this is my story.One night I woke up and could not stop vomiting.So my mom took me toothed hospital the next day.By then I had stoped vomiting but would not eat anything.
      The doctor gave me a CT scan and when we left he tould he would call with the results.The next day we got the call.
      The doctor said "London has stage two pancreatic cancer im so sorry".
      My mom said "thank you" and hung up then collapsed on the ground crying.
      My dad then picked up my mom and sat her down on the couch.
      I asked "what did the doctor say"she just started crying again.
      My dad said "London go to your room".
      A hour later my parents came into my room.Their eyes where red and puffy so I new they had been crying.My parents said "you have stage two pancreatic cancer
      Im sixteen now its been two years since I learned that I have cancer.At first I had hope but its been two years of not getting better or getting worse.The tells me I still have a chance to live but I don't believe him.
      This week my family is going to visit my befriend (Nicole Smith).We met at cancer camp last year.We flew to south Dakota then drove to her house two miles away.I was nerves cuz she hadn't text me back in a week.
      When we got there I ran up to the door then rang the door bell and her mom answered.
      I say "surprise where here for a vist".
      Nicloes mom says "London ow dear I forgot to call u didn't I Nicloe died last week".
      Next thing I know im in the hospital asking what happened.
      My mom said "you fanted so they took a CT scan and you now have stage three pancretic cancer".
      My parents say "we are going to stay at Nicloes untill we can get a flight".
      When we got to Nicloes house the first thing I did was go into her room.I sat there for hours and cried.A few hours latter I grabbed our scrapbook.On the first page is a picture of us at cancer camp where we met.
      There was a saying by the picture.It said never lose hope.I sat there for hours thinking about that.I know that she was not saying that to me but for some resion I think she is.
      I stayed up all night thinking about it.I realized I have lost hope so im going to find it. It starts tomorrow.
      I convinced my parents to let me.First we went to California.The hotel was great.The first thing i did was get surfing lesions.I was horrible at it.
      The next thing I did was go to a beach party.I danced like there was no tomorrow.The next day I went sailboating.
      We had to go home the next day. We get home then I blacked out. I woke up in the hospital. That's when I knew I was going to die.
      My mom said "I love you London Marie".