Entry 1:

Unmasked Heroes
Heroes can come in all shapes and and sizes,
Big and small,
Short and tall, 
But they all do their part to make the world a better place,
Some heroes catch bad guys,
While others fight fires, 
But sometimes it's the little things that count,
Things most people don't see, 
That define what true heroes are.
And that's what matters most to me.

Entry 2:

Ubiquitous illusions trick the mind 
Nothing is usually what it seems to be
Masters at disguising their identity
Abound - and look: there's something behind,
Something unseen and hidden:
Kaleidoscopes of secrets, plots, and plans


 Entry 1:

Summer is hot,
it’s a good time to have fun.
Summer is great,
it’s the best time of all.
in Summer you can play,
you’re not stuck in the house
in Summer you can run,
in Summer you can swim,
you can do anything in Summer,
but don’t stay inside!

Entry 2:
To the Girl
To the girl who closed every door and threw away the key
To the girl that put up walls so no one else could see
To all the girls whose hearts have cracked and eventually been broken
To all the girls whose deepest pain has never been out spoken
To every girl whose lonely life was never complete and stable
To every girl who never tried because she thought she was never able
To the girl who ran away from questions she couldn't answer
To the girl whose painful thoughts come in like mere disaster
To all the girls who never felt the healing hand of God
To all the girls who thought scars would divide you from His love
To every girl who ever said, "I am not enough"
To every girl who said, "My amount of wrong is way too much"
To any girl who felt this way just know His arms are open
To any girl, completely know He'll accept your life that is broken
Because whatever has been destroyed He remolded
Been emptied out He reloaded
What has been lost He recaptured
Been scattered apart He re-established
All these things have been made new
Broken and poured out He died for you
You see everything that you've ever felt
And everything you've ever dealt
Died with Him and it was nailed to the cross
He will never fail